About MCT

Created in 2002, the Micronesia Conservation Trust (MCT) supports biodiversity conservation and related sustainable development for the people of Micronesia. MCT accomplishes this by providing long-term, sustained funding through a grants program that encourages people to adopt sustainable and appropriate solutions to local environmental challenges.

The MCT is a private corporation with a governing board of 9 members, including members from international, regional national, state, and municipal governments, NGOs, business, financial and academic institutions.

The MCT is working to mobilize funding from a variety of public and private sources to build an endowment of US $20 million to provide long-term support for sustainable biodiversity resource management in Micronesia. In addition to providing financial support, MCT places special emphasis on building the capacity of Micronesian organizations to design and manage conservation programs. MCT also provides a forum to bring together people from government, private enterprise, and community and non-profit organizations to collectively address the challenges of natural resource management in Micronesia, enhance public-private partnerships, and share experiences and best practices.

Our Vision & Mission


Our Micronesia: respecting and managing our land, air and sea. Enhancing livelihoods, our quality of life, and the environmental integrity of our islands for the benefit of present and future generations.


To provide sustainable financing and support for biodiversity conservation, related sustainable development and environmental education.


To conserve the ecosystems identified as priorities by Micronesia's conservation policy frameworks (i.e. SDPs, NBSAPs, LAS, etc...);

To reverse degradation and reduce pressure on ecosystems by promoting sustainable productive processes in collaboration with local communities;

Promote community awareness about biodiversity conservation and support related environmental education programs that prepare communities to carry out biodiversity conservation;  and

Strengthen the capacity of community networks, NGOs, and other appropriate organizations to improve biodiversity conservation in Micronesia.