3rd Annual My Life, My Responsibility Fishing Tournament is the biggest tournament yet hosted by the conservation community in Pohnpei

September 23, 2020

The Conservation Society of Pohnpei, Pohnpei Menin Katengensed Fish Market, Rare Micronesia, The Nature Conservancy, and Micronesia Conservation Trust hosted the 3rd annual My Life, My Responsibility Fishing Tournament on September 19, 2020. This year’s event was the biggest yet with nearly 30 boats and over 70 individuals registered and participated. Congratulations to all the anglers who won prizes with their catch:

The Pohnpei State Coral Reef Monitoring team consisting of Office of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Department of Resources and Development, and Conservation Society of Pohnpei collect fish and coral reef data annually which shows a continual decline in reef fish populations around Pohnpei, with overfishing as one of the major factors. Consequently, over the past three years the conservation community in Pohnpei has hosted fishing tournaments to promote the Ahi Mour, Ahi Pwukoah (My Life, My Responsibility) campaign with a specific focus on reducing pressure on the coastal fisheries by choosing to fish for pelagic fish. The theme for the tournament this year is “Laid Keneinei, Laid Poatoapoat” which aims to relay t the message that fishing smart or fishing responsibly will lead to the sustainability of local fisheries.

The hosts for the 3rd annual My Life, My Responsibility Fishing Tournament express their sincere gratitude to all parties that sponsored the event: Congressman Esmond Moses, Caroline Fisheries Corporation, FSM Telecommunication, Pohnpei LP Gas Distributing Company, Marcela Foundation, Pohnpei Utilities Corporation, FSM Vital, and FSM Ridge to Reef Project. Special thanks to all the individuals that registered and participated in the event.

Woman collects tournament prize from MCT

Angler collects tournament prize from PMK network representative

Family collects raffle prizes

MCT welcomes back anglers with reusable shopping bags

Anglers observing weigh-in

Angler, Dave Mathias, collects raffle drawing grand prize consisting of a cellphone donated by FSM Telecommunication

Tournament hosts check weight of a mahi mahi