Awak Pah Aquaculture Project

The Awak Pah aquaculture project is supported by Seacology to pilot a community-driven aquaculture farm as a source of food and to reseed the reef and mangrove areas with native species that are normally seen in the area. In addition, Sahngoro David, the Nahnmwarki of U, Awak Pah traditional leaders, and the community have agreed to designate an area of 173 acres for aquaculture in the Awak Pah area.

Country: FSM

Partners: U Katengen Moarosed, U Municipal Government, MERIP, COM-Sea Grant, U and Awak Pah traditional leaders and community, Palipowe community, Pohnpei State Government

Project Duration: March 2021 to March 2023

Funding Source: Seacology

Grant Amount: $35,000 USD