Coconut For Life (C4L)

The C4Life initiative which started in 2018, is a partnership between FSM Vital, FSM R&D, and MCT to revive the coconut industry in the FSM and to provide an alternative revenue stream for farmers. The project aims to achieve its goal and sustain itself through the following:

  • Establishing a stable and continuous market for smallholder farmers that guarantees economic stability

  • Forming a sustainable supply chain through the Participatory Guaranteed System

  • Developing farmers’ groups as for-profit organizations to enable other marketing opportunities for the farmers

  • Providing capacity-building support (e.g., book-keeping, basics of modern agricultural science and principles, good practices of coconut cultivation and production, and identifying and managing biological threats) to strengthen and empower the farmers individually and as a group

Country: Federated States of Micronesia

Partners: FSM Vital, FSM Department of Resources & Development, Pohnpei State Government, and Chuuk State Government

Project Duration: One year (on a renewable basis)

Funding Source: FSM

Grant Amount: $212,392.00