Cara Flores

Technical Committee

Cara Flores is an indigenous filmmaker native to Guåhan (Guam). Her commitment to culture and community are a driving force behind most of her projects. She is a co-founder and director of Nihi! (Duk Duk Goose, Inc.), a non-profit Chamoru production house that produces culture-based media to affirm identity, to lift up the Chamoru and other indigenous perspectives from across our region and to empower the next generation of protectors. Flores directed and produced the majority of media for the Guam Museum’s permanent exhibit including a short film on the origins of the Chamoru people, i Hinanao-ta. She continues to make short films, her most recent An Gumupu i Chankleta, a short comedy in Chamoru that honors her grandmother (Justa Flores) along with all Chamoru and Pacific nånas. Some of her other short films include Malingu ya Masodda’ (2017) a post-apocalyptic short film in Chamoru and We Are Pågat (2012) a documentary short that documented the efforts to save Pågat from the destructive impacts of a massive military firing range complex.Cara is a 2019 Obama Foundation Leader.