Sophia-APIC-BRMC Scholarship

Scholarship Materials Requirement:

The application deadline for the 2024 Autumn Semester is March 10, 2024. All applications

and supporting documents must be sent to Ms. Bertha Reyuw at for initial screening. If the applicant passes the first phase, including an interview, he/she will be asked to submit official documents directly to the APIC/Sophia University.

1. Application Materials

a) Application form (Use form provided)

b) Scholarship Application (Form Use form provided)

2. Statement of purpose:

a) Specify as precisely as possible the area of intended study and its relation to previous academic or career experience.

b) Describe the research plan they intend to conduct at Sophia University.

The statement of purpose should be 500-750 words in length and written in English.

3. University/college transcript(s):

(a) Provide copies of recent transcripts showing all undergraduate and graduate (if applicable) courses taken and grades received, including the list of courses you are currently attending must be submitted.

4. Proof of graduation: Applicants should submit one of the following:

(a) University/college-issued certificate of a degree certificate or official letter (original copy).

(b) Photocopy of diploma certified by a school official.

(c) Transcript indicating degree received and date of conferral. Proof of graduation must be an official hardcopy issued by home university. An electronic certificate from the home university to Micronesia Conservation Trust (MCT) can be acceptable for the screening stage.

5. Letters of recommendation:

(a) Obtain two letters of recommendation, must be from school official(s) attended by the applicant. The letters must be addressed to “Sophia University Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies” and must be emailed directly from recommenders to MCT’s Capacity Building Program Manager at Please see sample letter.

6. A copy of a thesis:

(a) Provide a copy of a graduation thesis, honors thesis, or a significant term

paper must be provided. The copy can be provided in English, Japanese or other languages. An

extensive English summary (approx. 850 words) must also be attached.

7. Proof of Citizenship:

(a) Photocopy of passport profile page. Those who do not have a passport, please submit a photocopy of a photo ID.

*Medical attention: Any applicant with physical conditions that might require special attention when

undertaking university work should notify the Sophia Admissions Office in writing before application.